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EducationNational Mineral Information Center (국가광물정보센터)


광물정보센터 리모델링 및 신축공사는 산재된 국가자산인 광물자원 탐사자료의 사장화를 방지하고, 국가차원에서 이를 보관.관리하여 산업적으로 활용할 수 있는 기반 마련과 광산재개발에 소요되는 중복탐사비용 억제를 목적으로 리모델링동 3개동과 암추보관동을 신축한는 공사입니다. 주요구조부는 철근콘크리트조 및 철골조이며 리모델링동은 지질자료보관실과 강의실 등으로 이루어 지고 신축동은 암추를 보관하기 위한 수장고(창고)와 암추관찰실,사무실등으로 이루어져 있다. 리모델링동은 주로 내부 벽,천정,바닥재 철거 재시공이며 신축동 내부 마감은 바닥은 테라죠이며 벽은 친환경 수성페인트 이고 천정은 흡음택스로 되어있다. 신축동 외장은 시멘트 성형판,알루미늄씨트,복합판넬과 수장고외장은 쌘드위치 판넬로 이루어져 있다. 주차장은 기존에 금차27대를 더하여 총98대이다. 수장고 내부는 암추를 보관하기 위한 이동식랙이 설치될 예정이다.

Through the National Mineral Information Center’s remodeling and new construction, three existing buildings have been remodeled, as well as a new building for core storage being created. This is to help safeguard the various types of exploration data that have been discovered regarding scattered mineral resources, which are national assets, and to simultaneously help form a solid foundation upon which to utilize said data for industrial purposes. This will be done mainly through efficient data storage and management at the national level while also working to prevent duplicated costs for exploration.

The principal structural components are reinforced concrete and a steel frame. The remodeled buildings consist of storage rooms for housing geological data, lecture rooms, etc. The newly-built building consists of core storage (warehouse), a core-observing room, an office room, and various other facilities. For the remodeled buildings, an internal wall, as well as ceiling and flooring materials, are mainly removed and reconstructed. For the new building, the internal finishing materials are terrazzo, eco-friendly water-based paint, and sound-absorbing tex for the flooring, walls, and ceilings, respectively. The exterior materials consist of extruded cement panels, aluminum sheet panels, and aluminum composite panels. For the storage structure, the exterior materials consist of sandwich panels. For the parking lot, 27 newly-made parking spaces have been added to the existing ones to increase the total number of available parking space to 98. For the internal storage space, a movable rack will be installed for core storage purposes.



Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

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