GovernmentCompetition Design for JEJU Provincial Police Agency (제주지방경찰청 계획안)


“제주의 경” 전경은 제주의 책임을 다하는 희망의 새경찰을 나타내는 청사로 민원과 업무시설의 분리를 통해 효율적인 업무환경으로 계획하였고, 주변의 자연환경을 고려한 실배치 및 공간계획을 하였으며 직원편의를 고려한 부대복리 시설을 계획하였다. 중경은 신뢰와 안전을 상징하는 랜드마크를 구현하였고, 경찰청의 시대적 변화에 맞추어 제주 경찰청의 성장과 변화를 보여주는 동시에 제주의 장소성과 경찰청의 상징성을 갖춘 청사를 계획하였다. 후경은 경찰청의 실용적인 디자인계획을 위하여 다기능의 복합 청사로서 보안구역과 민원구역의 합리적인 계획과 경찰청의 특수목적에 부합하는 기술계획, 그리고 제주지역의 특성을 반영한 자연찬화적인 에너지 절약을 계획하였다.

The “view of Jeju”. This is what we attempted to embody within the design for this government building that simultaneously symbolizes a newly changed police agency with the responsibility of guarding Jeju-do. Through this design methodology, we have planned an efficient working environment by efficiently separating the various police facilities into those for civil complaints and tasks. We also took into account other design variables, such as room placement and space design, through the consideration of both the neighboring natural environment and the inclusion of additional leisure facilities for the agency’s employees. As the Jeju Police Agency serves as both a regional architectural landmark and a symbol of trust and safety, we plan to showcase the growth and change of the Jeju Police Agency, and create a building design that serves as a symbol of both the police agency and Jeju. As the “background” of the site is occupied by the multipurpose complex building, which features a more practical design, we made a reasonable plan for the security and civil service sections, as well as drafting technical plans that are suitable for the special purposes of the police agency. Finally, we focused on creating eco-friendly and energy-saving plans that effectively reflect the unique regional characteristics of Jeju-do.



Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea

Business Facility



B1/F7, Annexe:F3

Public Procurement Service

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