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ResearchSEOYON E-HWA R&D Center (서연이화 R&D센터)


R&D센터는 향과 조망 및 도시 컨텍스트를 고려해 남향으로 배치했다. 기능 (Function)과 쾌적함(Amenity)을 고려한 외부공간계획, 지구단위계획 시행 지침에 부합한 합리적인 차량 진출입 계획, 효율적인 동선 분할 및 쾌적한 외부공간계획, 완벽한 보차분리 및 Drop-off 계획을 바탕으로 디자인 되었다. 평면계획은 시험실의 내부 발생 진동을 고려해 지하에 배치하고 시험 장비를 고려해 실별 적정 층고 계획을 수립했다. 기업 이미지 창출 및 홍보를 고려해 지상 1층은 전시공간으로 계획했으며 시험 장비 반출입 및 직원 동선을 고려 해 별도 엘리베이터 및 출입구 계획을 세웠다. 또한 쾌적한 업무환경을 위해 지상 8층에 직원식당을 배치했다. 입면계획은 수직 패턴을 활용해 미래지향적인 기업 이미지를 반영했으며 기업의 화합과 평등을 강조한 동·서측 수직 패턴을 적용했다. 단면 계획은 소요실의 각 특성 및 기능을 고려해 적정한 층고 계획을 세웠으며 경제적인 설비 공간을 고려해 시험실을 계획했다.

The R&D center was built facing southward by taking into consideration the direction, views, and surrounding urban context. The building design was based on the way the outer space is planned and organized, and it considers both function and amenities. The design also included a rational vehicle access plan that adheres to local district plan enforcement policy as well as promoting efficient traffic segmentation, a pleasant outdoor space plan, perfect segregation between pedestrians and vehicles, and an efficient drop-off plan. The plane plan arranged for the location of a laboratory on the basement floor, taking into consideration the internal vibration that would be generated by the lab, and also designated the proper height for each room. To create the main enterprising image to be used for promotional purposes, the 1st floor was designed as an exhibition hall, while separate elevators and entrances were arranged for the convenient movement of laboratory equipment and employees. Also, to help create a more comfortable workplace environment, the dining hall is arranged on the 8th floor. The elevation plan reflects the future-oriented enterprise image by using vertical patterns which are applied on the east/west side to emphasize the harmony and equality within the company. For the sectional designs, the heights are arranged differently with consideration given towards the features and functions of each room, while the laboratory was arranged as a more economic facility space.




Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

Research, Education






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