Kyuchul Han

As CEO of HAENGLIM Architecture & Engineering Co. Ltd. (HAENGLIM Architecture), he has been leading HAENGLIM Architecture’s remarkable growth. After he was inaugurated as CEO of HAENGLIM Architecture, he has been carrying out architectural design projects in various fields and scales such as public works, urban planning, healthcare, residential, retail, etc. Moreover, he is contributing to the development of architectural culture through architecture, fulfilling both function and design. In particular, he has successfully overseen the implementation of various state-of-the-art national science facilities such as ‘Pohang 4th Generation Light Source(PLS),’ ‘Korea Heavy Ion Accelerator Project,’ and other government projects like ‘Office of Prime Minister in Sejong city’, ‘Second HQ of Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service,’ and ‘Seoul Gimpo Business Aviation Museum’ for the first time in Korea. Beyond general architectural design, he is focusing on the most valuable projects and undertakings possible as part of creating a long-standing legacy that can be handed down to future generations. Based on the architectural philosophy that provides each building with its own unique function that meets its purposes, and not being limited to spaces for just living or certain activities, his main working principle is to spare no expense for international travels in order to conduct meaningful case studies, research, and analyses in order to ignite the spirit of challenge for every single HAENGLIM Architecture member.

“A company that makes the dream come true together is the ultimate goal I want to achieve.”

The beautiful architectural culture is a precious legacy which enriches the quality of life for all people. Now that the fourth Industrial Revolution has arrived, and through the usage of digital BIM to help achieve even more perfect results, we have built an independent design process and have achieved the best results. Furthermore, we are continuously holding various in-house events and seminars to encourage self-development and recharge all members of the staff. Instead of seeking achievement blindly, HAENGLIM Architecture aims to become the best company for architectural graduates to come together and join each other in making their dreams come true, along with all other company members, by establishing a right and fair corporate culture.

Main Projects

Main Projects