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EducationNew Integrated Elementary and Middle Schools and Kindergarten in Daegu Yeonkyeong District (대구연경지구1초⋅1중 통합학교 및 1유치원 신축)


“통합교육에 최적화된 배치”공동활용시설을 중심으로 초 · 중 교사동을 유기적으로 배치하고 학습과 놀이가 가능한 외부공간을 각각 연계. 주민개방시설을 근린공원과 인접 배치하여 지역사회와 통합된 학교 계획. “창의적 소통과 교류의 공간” 창의적 융합교육을 실현하는 특별교실을 구성하고 학생들에게 소통과 교류의 공간을 제공. “다양한 학습자를 수용하는 지역사회 교육의 장” 시청각실, 도서실 등의 저층 배치를 통해 학생, 교사, 지역주민이 함께 공유하는 공공의 장소로 조성. “지역사회의 커뮤니티 공간으로서 친근한 표정의 입면 디자인” 매스를 분절해 리듬감을 부여하고 건물 사이 사이에 관입된 자연은 통합학교의 다채로운 표정을 만들어 친근함을 부여.

■ 통합학교 탄력적인 공간활용을 위한 시설연계배치, 창의적 학습을 증진시키는 특별교실 운영. 지역사회의 통합 : 웰컴마당 / 커뮤니티 데크 / 다목적강당

■ 미래교육에 대응하는 학교 공간구성 초·중 클러스터 조성 및 상상과 즐거움을 공유하는 미래학습 배움터. 저학년 놀이공간 / 크리에이티브 코리더 / 브라우징 스텝 / 그린테라스

■ 기타사항 향후 학급수 증가를 고려한 1개층 증축 공간 확보 수직 증축이 가능한 구조계획과 부재설계 적용. 재난에 대비한 최소 피난시간 확보 코어 적정 분산 배치 / 학생안전을 위한 층별 교사실 분산배치 안전한 범죄예방 환경조성 및 CPTED 계획 지역 주민 개방영역과 교사영역 운영분리계획을 통한 관리와 통제 교육환경을 정보화한 지능형 학교 워크스페이스 / 다목적교실 / 멘토링 숲 / 스마트교실 / 러닝커먼스

Yeon · Maru(‘Yeon’ stands for continuity and ‘Maru’ means a field that reflects the sky) Connecting one another in the process of learning and growth, a new learning space of Yeon-Gyung continues along the aligned fields.

“An ideal plan for the integrated education of youngsters”The elementary and middle school buildings are organizationally placed to one another while the communal facility for both the students and the neighboring people lies at the center. Small patches of exterior spaces are open to the students for education and recreational activities. The publicly open programs are situated next to the neighborhood park and thereby, integrates the school and the local community. “A space of communication and sharing” A special unit plan is composed which allows a creative integration in educational environments. This provides a continuous space for students to share their experience and communicate with one another vibrantly. “A space that accomodates a variety of learners for the local community” The audio-visual hall and open library are placed in the lower level of the building in which students, teachers and locals could conveniently use and share altogether as an open public space. “A friendly gesture in the design of the façade for the local society” The divided masses endow a rhythmic flow in the façade, making it light and cheerful. The nature that infiltrates the school in the in-between spaces form a series of different looks in the integrated school, offering a friendly atmosphere for the students.

■ Integrated School The buildings are arranged in a manner that allows flexible changes in its utilization of spaces and special classes are managed to boost the creative educational opportunities of youngsters. The integration of the locat community: Welcome Field/ Community Deck/ Multi-purpose Hall.

■ A spatial arrangement that corresponds to the future educational environments Elementary and middle school cluster zones are composed of a variety of different programs and allow the students to extend their excitements and imaginations. Special playing fields for lower grade students/ Creative Corridor/ Browsing Steps/ Green Terrace

■ Additional aspects An additional storey extension is considered beforehand in respect to the possibility of future additions in student numbers. The structural plans and materials address the issue for a rational vertical extension. The evacuation time is assured for possible accidents and catastrophes. Cores are appropriately arranged in ideal distances / Classes are dispersed in the arrangements in each and every storey for the safety of students. A safe crime preventing environments are planned along with a CPTED strategy. The open areas and studying areas are separately planned and managed for efficient management and control. An intelligent school that informationize educational environments. Workspace/ Multi-purpose Classrooms/ Mentoring Forest/ Smart Classroom/ Learning Commons

  Daegu, Republic of Korea 
  Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education


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